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'Sixties Fashions: Bright, Colorful, and Fun

There were many fun styles in this decade...

When I was a child in the '60s, all I knew about "hippies" was when related stories were sometimes on the news.  As no one in our area had that lifestyle, no one wore the "hippie styles" we often hear about these days.  Instead, the many fun styles we had were colorful, bright, and fun.  When I looked it up years ago, I found many of the styles had originated in London.  As the British Invasion of music had become very popular in our area, it was only fitting that the styles came along with it.


One cool item was go-go boots.  The go-go boots we liked in the '60s are nothing like the ones advertised these days.  They were calf-high, wide on the tops, and always white.  After they became popular on music shows like Hullaballoo, most young girls wanted a pair.  They were the perfect accessory with miniskirts and fishnets in all colors. 


While miniskirts, jumpers, and shifts were the usual attire for school, another fashion was around for awhile:  paper dresses.  As I recall, the best thing about paper dresses was not needing to hem a dress if it was too long--  all one had to do was trim it with a pair of regular scissors.


In our area, hippie hair was not seen, either.  In fact, a guy could get expelled from high school if his hair was longer than his shirt collar.  Rebelliousness generally went no further than wearing sneakers outside of gym class. 


I read that a person can be defined by his or her choices in clothing styles.  Thinking about the fashions we loved in the '60s, I think that is an accurate assessment.  There was not really anything to rebel against, and nothing to prove.  Similar to our choices in music, fashion was just another aspect of who we were:  the kids of the '60s, different from the generation before us, but not very different at all.