Rev Up Your Workout List with Some Golden Oldies

Rev Up Your Workout List with Some Golden Oldies

When many of us hit the gym, we are greeted with some contemporary music ranging from Rhianna to Lady Gaga, often mirroring what we hear on the radio. While these pop tunes can be catchy and fun, they’re not always the best to work out to—especially if they’re talking about depressing topics or feature weird, jerky beats that mess up your routine.

What I’ve found is that the best workout music is often that of yesteryear—okay, many, many yesteryears. In fact, when I move my body at home, I often put my Pandora on “Bubblegum Oldies” and just let it play through. But I also make up my own mixes for when I walk at the recreation center that I think many other people would enjoy walking or working out to as well. Here are a few of my favorite workout songs from my mother’s time (don’t tell her I called it that!):

Warming Up

“Please, Mr. Postman”

This awesome hit by the Marvelettes is great for a warm-up routine. It’s light and jaunty, getting you nice and flexible without overwhelming you with hard lyrics.

“Sugar Shack”

One of my favorite oldies ever, this cute little ditty by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs is perfectly paced for some good breathing and stretching.

“These Boots Are Made For Walking”

This powerhouse song by Nancy Sinatra should be on everyone’s playlist! Not only does it make you feel powerful, it’s also got a nice pace for stretching and warming up.

Working Out

“Born to Be Wild”

This Steppenwolf hit is fantastic for when you’re walking, riding, or climbing full-force. It will push you past the sweat and make you feel like a wild, physical creature!

“Born to Run”

Okay, so this isn’t a bubblegum oldie, but this Bruce Springsteen hit always wrenches my gut (especially when he moans that “Ohh!” in between stanzas) and gets me going on the elliptical.

“Hunk o’ Burning Love”

Any really good fast, old hit will work on your playlist—from “Great Balls of Fire” to “Barbara Ann”—but this Elvis oldie but goodie is one of my favorites.

Cooling Down

“Natural Woman”

Aretha Franklin. Need I say more? Okay, so it might not be masculine enough for some people, but it’s wonderful for those long, fluid movements you’ll be doing at the end of your workout.

“Hey Jude”

Sure, you could really use any Beatles song on your playlist (I also have “Strawberry Fields” on mine), but this one is really great for cooling down, and when you’re done working out, you can squint your eyes, bob your head, and look as stupid as I do while you croon out the “Better, better, better, WHAA!” before going into your na-na-na’s, just like I do!

Anything By The Supremes

This actually goes for any level of your workout—or your day, period. I could just listen to The Supremes for the rest of my life and probably be happy.