Retro: the Return of Cool Styles

Retro: the Return of Cool Styles

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There are two things that are often said about styles and fashions.  One is whenever something popular goes out of style, in approximately twenty years it will be back.  The other is if you wore a style the first time around, it is probably not appropriate for you when it does become popular again.  While the first is accurate, fewer people these days agree with the second part. 


Tie-dye is one example.  When tie-dye was fashionable the first time around, I was a young child.  As it did not seem to be widely available in my local area, I simply made it myself.  All you needed to do to make your own tie-dyed shirts, socks, and other clothing items, was to literally tie knots in the fabric.  You would then "cook" your clothing in a large pot filled with "RIT" dye, on the top of the stove.  I was doing this before kids were shown in school how to make tie-dye by applying wax to the fabric. 


These days, I often see Baby Boomers who were teenagers in those days wearing tie-dye.  Many seem to believe it is still 1968, as they love their youthful favorites.


A second fashion to reappear was the mini-skirt.  The mini-skirts that showed up in the mid-'80s were nothing like we wore in the late '60s.  They had weird shapes, and were not "mini" by any stretch of the imagination. 


I am one of those people who will not buy clothes if I hate the style.  Currently, this means a style known as "tunics."  From the caftan-style tunics of the '60s to tank tops that are nearly a foot too long, tunics abound in department stores and online stores.  It kind of creeps me out to find the only styles I like are sold in "retro" shops.  However, "to each their own" means wearing what you like, and dismissing others simply because they are "in style."