Peter Max: Still Going Strong

Peter Max: Still Going Strong

a famous '60s artist is still popular

Pop-art, op-art, underground comix, black-light posters... and psychedelic art. If you were alive in the '60s, you were probably familiar with Peter Max's own original styles of the latter. If you were an adult in the '60s, you probably hated it as much as the younger generation loved it.

Art, artists, and their popularity come and go, but Peter Max is still here today. At 74 years of age, one of his current works is "44 Obamas"-- 15-foot-wide set of portraits of the President. However, his poster art during the 1960s is the way most of us remember him.


While much of Peter Max's art was simply enjoyable, it also had a purpose. Some consisted of themes about the era in which we lived. The Different Drummer, Moon Landing, Be In, and Lady Liberty were two examples. He also produced rock concert posters.


One may wonder how an artist can continue his life's work and hold onto his popularity for a half-century. It seems to have been a combination of talent, determination, and keeping his eye on his ever-changing audience. Peter Max's art is still being sold, show in galleries, and taught about in schools. As is the case with much about the '60s that was different from generations before, his art is likely to live on forever. When it came to everything that was meaningful about this particular time in history, Peter Max did a great job of representing it with his bold, colorful art.