Mad Men Season 5

Mad Men Season 5

The wait is almost over.

AMC’s super hit, Mad Men, has been on hiatus for a sobering seventeen months. The fifth season of the show returns to the air on March 25 with a two-hour opening show.

Hunky Jon Hamm, aka suave-alcoholic- womanizer-deserter Don Draper, has been closed-lipped about what’s up next for the series. The most buzz that the show has gotten in recent weeks was a tasteless poster for the return of the series with a reminiscent-of-9/11 black drawing of a falling man. The falling man has always been a part of the show’s animated opening sequence, but out-of-context, alone on a white background, the falling man has become more tasteless.

Still, the show will return. If you haven’t watched the series, it revolves around ad executives in a high-end Manhattan firm. Don Draper and some of his colleagues broke off from their original firm to start their own, struggling office. In the past few seasons, Don has gotten divorced and haphazardly proposed to his beautiful, young secretary, Megan. As season four ended, the firm was in trouble, with one of its biggest clients deciding to move elsewhere.

TV Line’s Michael Ausiello offers some spoilers where Hamm has not. The show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, says that the fifth season will be every man for himself. It remains to be seen what this obscure pronouncement will mean for the characters, but probably indicates there will be a lot less group drinking after work. Weiner also says that the season will have a sense of impending change, and that characters are just trying to stay above water in the midst of it. 

Despite viewers’ protestations, Weiner will not reveal how many years have passed between the show’s last season, which ended in 1965, and the next. Perhaps Weiner will give us a completely different show that’s set in the 1970’s. I’d like to see Don deal with a teenaged Sally, and Peggy cope with being a working mother with a young child.

Like many other viewers, I hope for gay art director Sal Romano’s return in the upcoming series. He was quite unceremoniously dismissed—after refusing one of the agency’s largest client’s come-ons, Sal was fired. The last time we saw him, he seemed to have finally admitted his homosexuality to himself, and was off to troll for sex in a public park. He was such a sweet character, and it would be nice to see that something less sinister eventually befell him.

What do you hope to see in the fifth season of the popular series?