Have a Nice Day With Smiley Faces

Have a Nice Day With Smiley Faces

Harvey Ball's wonderful invention

In the early '70s, there was a design that was very popular amongst teenagers. I am guessing I was not the only kid who thought it was something very new, and very modern. When the Smiley Face began appearing on stickers, buttons, and t-shirts, no one seemed to know it had been around for more than a decade.


The Smiley Face was invented in 1963 by an artist named Harvey Ball. The design, which took only ten minutes to complete, was originally intended for a life insurance company. As Harvey Ball did not copyright his design, he received very little money from it.


This wonderful little design became very popular. While it eventually began showing up with variations, and in an assortment of different colors, nothing beat the bright yellow original. There was just something about the Smiley that made people want to wear it, post it, and stick the stickers everywhere.


It is possible that the emoticons many people use in internet communications today originated with Harvey Ball's Smiley Face. However, it is not difficult to find Smiley in the same form as when it was first popular. Recently, I found buttons advertised on eBay-- and had to purchase one. After all, the appearance of this little design has made the world a happier, friendlier place for generations. Even though the popular saying was not connected to Mr. Ball's Smiley, it is a cool little reminder to "Have A Nice Day." If you do not own anything with a Smiley Face, check around the Web and get one for yourself.