Creeple Peeple: One of the Coolest Toys in the '60s

Creeple Peeple: One of the Coolest Toys in the '60s

a weird little toy was a lot of fun

There were plenty of fun toys in the 1960s.  Creeple Peeple was one of my favorites.  Although they had been on the market for a few years, I loved the set I received for Christmas.

Creeple Peeple were kind of unusual.  The boxed set I received contained a little plug-in oven called a Thingmaker, bottles of colored Plasti-Goop, and molds.  All a child had to do to make a variety of Peeple was heat the Plasti-Goop in a mold, and the result was outrageous-looking heads and feet.  You would then attach them to pencils, and see your teacher's reaction when you took them to school.

As I was the only kid in my class who had a set, I made bunches of Peeple to share with the other kids.  We were not allowed to have toys in the classroom, so we all managed to bypass this rule by calling them pencil-toppers.  While our teacher was not amused, he could not really object to students happily doing our schoolwork with Peeple heads and feet attached to nearly every pencil in the classroom. 

Creeple Peeple came out awhile after Creepy Crawlers.  As a girl, I had no interest in bugs and spiders--  and especially not in making them.  The Peeple, though, were different--  equally suitable for boys and girls, everyone I knew loved them.  They met the only requirement for a good toy:  they were fun.  If you are looking for an unusual gift for a child today, you can probably find Creeple People anywhere that sells Retro toys.